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Intuitive - Energy Therapist - Tarot

Viviana is an intuitive reader and empath who is well-versed in Tarot as well as in energy therapy, ancestral/intergenerational trauma healing, and mediumship. Being born in the Caribbean, she has always had an appreciation for nature, flora, the elements, and ancestral knowledge. Asking "unique" questions from a very young age, her curiosity for the mysteries of life became the perfect fuel and drive for her to pave her own path towards personal and spiritual development.


As a spiritual practitioner, her goal is to guide, support, and create a safe space for the collective to heal and improve subconscious habits, thoughts, emotions, and inner mechanisms that are impending others from being their highest and greatest self in this lifetime. With a natural focus on the subconscious/unconscious and shadow, Viviana uses her gifts and abilities to give her clients a deeper and clearer sense of self-awareness, self-empowerment and overall energetic self-autonomy and self-sovereignty.

Topics discussed during sessions include love, relationships, career, family, personal growth, spiritual development, ancestral trauma, past-lives, and other specific client needs. 

Viviana is passionate about painting, drawing, writing, and traveling. Her favorite subjects of interest range widely from but not limited to: energy consciousness, art history, herbalism, meditation, Indigenous/Native studies, psychoanalysis, metacognition, and astrology. 

No Walk-Ins. No Emergency sessions. Do not call, email, or text to make appointments. All services must be booked in advance online via my Square Calendar. If you have any questions on my services, please do proper research beforehand on all subject matter and modalities necessary before booking. 


(Available both online and in-person)
Se habla Español

Tarot Card Readings

A tarot card reading is a form of divination where practitioners use tarot cards purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future. Tarot is used widely as a device for seeking personal guidance and spiritual growth. Topics discussed range from health or economic issues, work and career choices, to love and relationships dynamics and understanding. We explore all potential trajectories and outcomes together so that clients may decide on a choice or lead to a certain desired outcome in near or far future. All sessions include a complimentary 5-minute Reiki session.

Reiki for Children & Adolescents

This service assists to balance your child's overall mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Reiki services are 100% safe and non-invasive. As a teacher, I strongly believe children are the future of this world and planet. So I find it to be of utmost priority and honor to provide a space of safety, security, and healing for the youth of this lifetime. It assists in healing and diminishing subconscious anxieties, fears, peer pressures, and/or educational pressures potentially stored within your child. It also promotes a stronger sense of inner-knowing & connection with themselves, others, nature, and consciousness.

Group Tarot Readings & Sessions

Do you have a special occasion, event, or gathering that would love to receive a reading? Whether online, or in-person, this is a service for those who are curious, interested, and open to receive messages of truth, growth, love, and understanding. 


Please contact via email or phone for more details or questions, as prices vary on occasion, distance, number of people, and event duration.​

Tarot + Reiki Bundles

The Tarot/Energy Bundle provide the best of both worlds into one service. First, you receive a Tarot card reading (30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90-minutes) to inquire insight, clarity, and/or confirmation on a variety of topics related (but not limited) to: work/career, personal life, relationships, love, healing, self-awareness,  and more. Last, you will receive a 30-minute energy therapy session, involving energy body realignment, a full physical and energy body chakra clearing, subconscious mind healing, and ancestral DNA cleansing.


Ancestral Trauma Healing

This service is for those who are seeking to connect with their ancestors, ancestral roots, lineage, and heritage. Your ancestral team is an essential part of both your spiritual journey and intergenerational trauma healing. They will bring attention to any intergenerational traumas that have been had in hopes that you may understand yourself, your living family, and your journey more clearly. This service also provides a 30-minute ancestral healing session, involving energy body realignment where ancestral trauma is stored in both your DNA and subconscious mind.

Pre-Paid Client Services

Please pick the length of time of your service, and provide all contact information.

Reiki - Energy Healing Sessions

The body is not only made up of the physical body, we have an energy that extends beyond our physical wellbeing. When we talk about treating chakras we are referring to treating your energy body. Reiki clears subconscious blockages, bring clients into a state of calmness, clarity, grounding, self-love, and security. Some benefits of energy therapy include: help spiritual growth and emotional cleansing, accelerate the body's self-healing abilities, assist in better sleep, clear the mind and improve focus, cleanse body of toxins, release tension, and promote inner/outer harmony and balance.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

This service will have clients be hands-on in their own self-healing, and will be guided through specific traumas and past events that have potentially created certain patterns, emotions, and habits. Hypnotherapy and energy healing are used together to delve into our unconscious and put us in a trance-like state to observe, analyze, and remove/change subconscious thoughts, emotions, and feelings. It is a great alternative method to support on the journey to improve and better their lives and future. It is recommended clients do multiple sessions to ensure changes fully instill in their subconscious mind.

6-Series Reiki Sessions

This service is for those interested in receiving monthly Reiki/energy therapy sessions. Each session will address, clear, and release any energetic imbalances, blockages, or vibrations from client's etheric, emotional, and mental fields. Sessions will be scheduled in advance after the first session of 6 is complete. Both in-person and virtual sessions are available.

Past-Life Regression Sessions

This service is called to those who are seeking to learn more about their past lives & the experiences they have gone through in previous lifetimes before this one. The idea that we hold and can heal the trauma(s) from said lifetime(s) into this one is a reason these regressions are so sought after. From re-experiencing and processing a past-life memory, you may gain many new perspectives from a session such as helping you to understand and resolve current relationships, unravel emotional problems including phobias and compulsions, and heal physical/psychological symptoms.






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