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Coming from an environment where the arts were very much appreciated and nurtured, I have always had a particular attraction to paint-based media, be it oil, acrylic, or watercolor. Making flat, blank canvases come to life has been a fascinating process that I fell in love with and have decided to pursue.

Mandala Paintings

All of my pieces are primarily inspired by nature, geometry, color, and soul resonance. These aspects correlate heavily into how I see the world and the human experience both physically and non-physically. My pieces are multi-sensory, meaning they derive from the connection between visual imagery and the client's specific spiritual/energetic intentions. No piece is alike, as all art commissions are custom-made, catered, and energetically coded based on the client's soul preference. All mandalas are made with various watercolor pigments, outlined in acrylic pen. They come in a black wooden frame, with a inner white matted frame, and covered in plexiglass (16" x 16" are covered in glass).

Painting/Mural Commission Form

Your piece will be created in Chantilly, VA. Would you need shipping to your location?
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Phone: (407) 734-1747


Instagram: @viviana.del.mar

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